Past Issues:

Money WiseShopping Tips

Not just for the holiday season!  Shopping for the perfect gifts? These tips may help you save you time and money.

  • Look for the item you always wanted.

    A gift will always be

    loved when it is the

    right item, regardless

    of the price.



  • Quality may cost more… but in the long run it is usually worth the investment.
  • Plan your purchases so you get gifts that suit the person. You buy a lot of small 
gifts you’re not sure of, then you’ve run out of money for a gift some- one really wants.
  • Consider getting the bigger gifts first. More time to research and cost more–once you’ve got them, you can decide what else your budget allows.
  • Be inventive with wrapping and packaging. There’s no need for the wrapping to cost more than the gift!
  • Enjoy everything that the season has to offer. Gifts are wonderful but they are not a substitution for good friends, family and time together.