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Our Dear Neighbours









Photo: Sorrento, Italy

Have you noticed how lively our neighbourhood streets are with extended public space for diners and restaurants? Doesn’t remind you of street scenes of old fashion Europe, or vibrant New York City? What a way to enjoy our neighbourhood through out the hot summer!

With many creative ideas and inspirational acts this summer, local traditional festivals were celebrated in its unique way, including the beloved Easter Parade, Canada Day Fireworks and local favourite 32nd Beaches Jazz Festival gone virtual. 

What’s more real? If you have recently walked around the neighbourhood, the scenery has changed. Smaller streets are closed up for local traffic only to ensure kids have a safe outdoor place to play; and major commercial streets, such as Queen Street, have many designated areas for local residents and visitors alike, to take a relaxing stroll, or have a casual sit-down to enjoy dinning or a drink. Checkout the many transformations your shop owners have made, not only to meet the requirements, but also to offer customers a brand new shopping experience that you won’t get in any other way. 

Like me, have you also noticed that ‘people are friendlier…’, ‘more patient with each other…’, ‘more willing to lend a helpful hand…’, ‘getting to know new people while physical distancing’. The many positive outcomes ensure all of us – We are moving forward, together! I hope during this time, you have had the chance to reflect and make some adjustments to your personal and professional goals. 

We are all riding this wave, together.  

Hong Zhao