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Perspective is Everything

DSC_0007Ever wondered why some people need so many expensive cars and yet others can live in a basic log cabin and be perfectly happy?
People live in houses that are more like castles, where others get an equally good sleep in a nice small condo.
For some, their lives are all about skydiving, mountain climbing or walking a tightrope across Niagara Falls. Where others are just as happy to go for a daily walk, have a bike ride, or meditate and do yoga.

Life is colourful and each of us is an individual with unique genes, background, mind and interests. These become the source of what makes each of us happy and satisfied. It is all about our own perspective!

To get more joy and satisfaction from life and always see the glass half full, focus on what brings us the most joy. Let thoughts, such as, “who can afford…, who wants…, why would someone…, they must be crazy…” go. On a warm sunny day, a drive in a convertible is desirable to some, and yet a strawberry popsicle is a happy treat to another.

By focusing on your own joy of life, either big or small, we can avoid some of that negative thinking – it is just a bad habit. You can start to make changes in your perspective. For example, the next time someone asks if you’re having a good day, don’t tell them what’s gone wrong, think about something pleasant that has happened and answer, “yes, thank you. I am!”

Or next time you see someone moving into a big house beyond your wishes, say “good for them” (and mean it too). Poor or rich, expensive or cheap, crazy or not, it is all about each individuals perspective. Also known as optimists, positive people truly see the glass half full. Pessimists see it as half empty.

There’s more to positive thinking than just making the world a bit cheerier. Many studies have shown that pessimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When someone is determined to see the darker side of a situation, or expect the worst, what they expect often comes true. Positive thinking, on the other hand, is associated with positive actions and outcomes.

So, what is your perspective on the positive and negative challenges in your life?

Do you believe you are rich or poor? Are you a success or failure? Is every day worthwhile or some days worth skipping? Do you look for solutions or problems?

There are times in life when everyone faces difficult situations, which can’t be overcome easily and takes time to heal. But there are many, daily situations when those around you will welcome rose-coloured glasses rather than a wet blanket. It keeps all of our perspectives in check!