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Preparing for the School Year

ChalkBoardBoyWhat to Do in August – You may not want to think of school yet, but a few activities during August go a long way to setting a student up for a successful year. Imagine how good you’ll feel knowing that you’ve had a head start, or that you’ve already learned something that you thought might be more difficult.

There are many ways that help you get a jump on fall. Most are fun and interesting. What might you do?

Book Lists: Some schools provide reading lists for summer so you know what you’ll be studying in the fall. Reading at least 2 books ahead will free up extra time in the fall making it easier to stay on top of assignments.

Math Skills: There are various online sites that build math skills sharp, or introduce you to math skills you know you are going to have to master in the fall semester.

Online Seminars & Tutorials: The Internet is a rich resource for learning and review. Need to polish up your computer skills or review a specific historical period? Just 30 minutes a day can give you a huge jump on these subjects.

Writing: The best way to become faster and better at writing essays is to practice writing. Make a journal entry every day, recording what you did. You will improve your writing by leaps and bounds!

Vocabulary: Check out the various apps for improving your vocabulary. Learn a new word each day for 5 weeks!

What to Do in September – The best way to start school is to feel prepared with a few strategies for setting yourself up for success. What works for someone else might not work best for you. Be honest about what makes you most productive and stick to your plan.

Night In/Night Out: Weekends are great but pick one night to be out and one night to get ahead on your studying.

Study Area: Establish a study area and stick to it. Research shows that a consistent place to work keeps you focused.

Post a Remember List: Post an “always remember” list on your room door so you see it every day before you leave for school. These are the items you must have with you every day: backpack, phone, spiral notebook, gym shorts, water bottle, lunch, etc.

Homework Schedule: Set yourself a schedule for doing homework and don’t let other activities get in the way – it is the best way to get things done.

Make Yourself a Homework Contract:

  • I will complete projects a day ahead so I’m not staying up all night!
  • As soon as I don’t understand a subject topic, I will make an appointment to talk with my teacher so I don’t fall behind.
  • My set study time will be Monday to Thursday. My weekend study time will be…..
  • I will be okay saying to my friends, “I can’t go. That is my study time.”