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Put Some New in your New Year

Happy New Year to 2021January 1 always feels like a fresh start – full of promise and possibilities. We all get a brand new chance to do something fresh and new, start again, clear the slate clean, and begin another year.

Instead of thinking of “resolutions” that you have to do, how about putting some “new” into your New Year that makes you excited, which causes you to smile in anticipation.

It could be something simple, like trying a new hairstyle; or it could be a big change in your life, like a new job or career. Don’t be afraid to dream big. At the beginning of January, everything is possible!

New technology: Maybe this is the year you add new technology, like a home smart device to manage tasks, answer questions, or play music.

New décor: It’s surprising how a single new piece of furniture, new window treatments, or just a new throw and pillows can change the look of the room. Think of what you might add “new” to your surroundings.

New wardrobe: Most of us can’t replace our entire wardrobe, but think of one or two new pieces to add that update your style, or give you a different look.

New food: A friend of mine set a goal to try a new fruit or vegetable every month. What might you try new this year? It could be a staple for your pantry, like nutritious chick peas, or a new way of preparing an old recipe, like substituting sweet potatoes for white potatoes.

New ideas, new learnings: If you could learn about something new, what would it be? Learning a new history, new language, new skill is a great way to start the year. Maybe this is the year you learn more about Toronto’s history, or the ancestry of your family?

New friends: When you join a club or organization, you meet new people. Friends expand your understanding of the world around you as well as yourself. How might you add new friends this year?

New purpose: It’s easy to get into a routine and feel a bit bored. Volunteering is something that gives you new purpose. Whether you are helping out with a food program or coaching a kids’ sport team, you’ll add new purpose to your life.

New healthy habits: Healthy habits don’t have to be onerous. Think of just one habit you might add, e.g. drinking more water each day, walking more, or adding an apple or orange to your lunch.

New experiences: Make this the year when you do something you never thought you’d ever do, like go to a basketball game, or an opera, or a vegan restaurant.

The above list has many suggestions for adding something new. But you’ll have more once you start to think about it. Good luck, and Happy NEW Year.