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Put your flag on the map!

Unlike our neighbours to the south, Canadians are quite reserved when showing our pride.  A Canadian team is in the Stanley Cup Finals which has us bursting open with excitement and uniting us from coast to coast. Let’s take this pride and heat it up just in time to celebrate Canada’s 142nd birthday.

Once again Beaches|life encourages you and fellow Beachers to show your pride by waving the Canadian flag and adding to our Canada map. Together with Google Maps, we can make our neighbourhood Canada’s first flag waving “hot spot”.

Wave it. Map it. Celebrate it!

Put your flag on the map!
For the month of June and July 1, Beaches|life is asking all our readers to wave an “electronic” flag and put yourself on the map! It’s easy.

  1. Go to and click on Map it!
  2. Enter your address or postal code.
  3. We’ll do the rest. A Canadian flag will be plotted at your location on Google Maps.

The Beaches community will prove to the rest of Toronto, Canada, and the world that we’re the MOST patriotic in the land!