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Real Mother’s Day Messages – What do you want to tell her this year

Mother's Day Flowers - Red TulipsThere are a few things we all have in common – each of us has a mother, and we are either a daughter or a son. Some of us have memories of our mothers, others still have their mothers to talk with, write to, or visit. But whatever the case, there are messages we sometimes wish we could say to our mothers, which we often don’t get a chance to put in words. They may be important “life” questions, or something small yet important to say out loud, in writing, or in our thoughts.

Flowers for Mother's DayOn this Mother’s Day, what are the messages you’d like to tell your mother, either in person or in your thoughts? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Tell me about the day I was born. What time of day was it? How long did it take to know what name to give me?
  • I’m really glad about the time that you were honest with me and told me about…..
  • If it wasn’t for you, I never would have learned how to…..
  • Remember that time I drew on the walls with my magic markers? I didn’t mean to make such a mess. I was just having so much fun creating something beautiful that I forgot I was in the living room!
  • Every time I make soup on a Saturday, I think of you serving us soup when we’d come inside on a cold day.
  • Thanks for all those great meals you made. I know that many times, you were probably really tired from a day of work.
  • What were you like at my age? How did you style your hair, what was your favourite outfit?
  • Can I get that recipe for …..?
  • Is there something you always wished you’d done but didn’t get a chance?
  • You were so good at helping me do my math homework. I never realized that you probably had other things you’d rather be doing.
  • You’ve always accepted who I am, and that has been so important to me all my life. 
  • Thank you for making me to do school work!
  • You really inspired me because….
  • If I could have picked out a mother, 
  • I would have chosen you!
  • If you were me again, what advise would you give?
  • How did you celebrate Mother’s 
  • Day with your mom?
  • You are beautiful.
  • I love you.