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Renovating your diet, health and lifestyle

Healthy EatingThere’s no doubt about the connect-ion between your diet and lifestyle, and your health. Studies and research continue to tell us that a proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle that embrace a positive approach to life are key to making you fit, better able to resist disease and sickness, even making you more youthful.

Think about what you might do this year to renovate three key areas in your life.

Starting with food, make a list of foods you know are good for you. Include foods that are known to support a particular condition you may have, e.g. foods that contribute to heart health, help bone density, build your immune system, resist diabetes.

Here are some healthy choices to consider:
✓ sweet potatoes
✓ broccoli
✓ beans
✓ wild salmon
✓ mangos
✓ squash
✓ berries
✓ legumes
✓ oatmeal
✓ whole grains
✓ dark leafy greens (kale, spinach)
✓ plain low fat yogurt
✓ olive oil

Make a second list of activities that are good for your health but also bring you pleasure.

Pick what you like to do best and include those things that relax you.

✓ stroll in the park
✓ swimming at a local pool
✓ gym workout
✓ join a dance class
✓ go to a funny movie and laugh out loud
✓ get inspiration from music at a concert
✓ talk to a friend over dinner
✓ make a snowman on your front lawn (fun and good exercise!)

Now close your eyes and think for a moment of a few things you’ve always wanted to do. Planning a special event, small or large, brings us as much satisfaction as actually carrying it out!

✓ make a list and post it somewhere that reminds you of what lies ahead
✓ put up a picture of where you want to go –  a lake in the summer, a day trip in the spring, a picnic you’ll take when the weather is warmer
✓ start planning a project you want to take on – perhaps a craft or a new garden