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Renovating Your Garage & Storage

messygarageYour garage or storage is the ultimate “junk drawer”. It is filled with all the stuff we don’t have room for anymore, we don’t think we need any longer, or we just don’t want to look at.

The Saturday after Labour Day is National Clean Out Your Garage Day. In honour of this occasion, here are tips to reclaim some of the space you have lost.

Empty – Remove everything – that is correct. One person I know did this and found passersby bidding on his stuff as it lay on his lawn.

Sort – Create three piles – what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away. Think logically:

  1. If it’s too good to through away, donate.
  2. Today’s trends can be tomorrow’s trash.
  3. If it’s broken, do you really have the time and skills to fix it?
  4. When last time you moved, remember how much stuff you needed to let go? Why wait till your next move? Enjoy the extra space today.

Space – Once you’re down to what you are going to keep, re-think the space.

  1. Set some space aside for seasonal items.
  2. Keep space closer to the door for items you’ll use throughout the year.
  3. Remember to leave some extra space for walking around and moving things about. If you have the space consider a worktable.


  1. Get the right storage shelves.
  2. Remember, animals can get into any open containers.
  3. Use clear containers to easily see what’s inside.
  4. Label your shelves and containers.