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What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted…

roadmap2goalsHow often have you said, “I would like to…”, “Someday…”, “I hope I can…”, “I wish I had…”, “I am always interested …”? It is safe to say that most of us, regardless our stage of life, say these to friends, family or sometime even strangers.

During the quiet days of August, many of us have time off work or school. We are able to spend some leisure time in a park, walking or cycling, perhaps sitting by a campfire under a dark sky gazing at a million stars.

When we step out of our busy daily routine for a few days or even a few hours, when we visit a new place with different surroundings and meet interesting people, it inspires us to have goals come back to us. Why not ponder that idea with an action, and move ahead on it in the year to come. Regardless of how it ends, it will be more satisfying than simply hanging it on the wish list forever.

With pen and paper draw a road map starting with where you are today and ending with where you want to be at when you “reach your goal”. Mark the various pit stops along the way where you’ll rest, assess your process and gather together the resources you’ll need to keep going. Figure out what and who are you going to need along the way. Ask yourself “What natural strengths am I going to bring and what help will I need from others when things get tough?”

Your goals may be small like learning to skate or salsa dance, or they may be large like changing your job, owning a boat, moving to live on a country farm, or retiring in 10 years. Many fall somewhere in between like travelling to Alaska or going to school to study poetry or maybe even inventing a new gadget. Whatever it is, with the right plan, you may just reach them.

Many seniors after retirement go to university to study topics that always have interested them – some even graduate after age 70!

If you start your planning this summer, heading back into the fall, you’ll have an extra jumpstart on your goal and you will feel fresh, charged and excited.

When you follow your road map, you might make a few wrong turns now and then, but a good plan will help you get there or somewhere better!

Tips that help you get what you want:

  1. Always write down your ideas.
  2. No goal is too big – just break it down to smaller tasks.
  3. Revisit your ‘road map’ often. Check in at each pit stop to see if you need any alterations, or “re-charging of fuels”.
  4. Celebrate each milestone!