Past Issues:

Safe Summer Fun

Summer is a fun time that can be packed with activities, but it is also a time to be wary of preventable injuries and conditions. Here are some safe summer fun tips to ensure you and family get the most out of the season.
Around the camp

  • After a campfire is extinguished the embers remain hot for hours. Keep sand or water near the campfire to put out the fire.
  • Keep food in closed picnic hampers, keeping the scent away from bears.
  • During thunderstorms go indoors or into your car, not under a tree.

Around the water

  • Never be more than an arm’s reach from a child in or close to water. A child can drown in seconds.
  • Kids under 3, as well as kids who cannot swim, need to wear life jackets whenever they are in or around water. Life jackets are important but kids also need to be supervised by an adult.
  • Sign up for swimming lessons.

Around the Home

  • Never leave a pet like a dog or a cat in a car on a warm day.
  • Wash countertops and cutting boards with soap and water.
  • Refrigerate cooked meat one hour before on warm days.
  • Wash out water bottles between use.