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Savour Your Holiday Spirit

Holiday celebrations mean many things to many people. Deep inside each of us are memories about this special time of the year. Whether it is a special recipe that mom or grandma makes, or having breakfast next to a pile of Santa gifts, everyone has a story to tell.

New Year’s also means something different to each of us. For some, a late night party with a crowded room of guests and noisemakers, for others, a quiet meal with a movie, or time away to enjoy the serenity of the country.

In recent years the holiday season, Christmas and Hanukkah in particular, has seemed to become more and more commercialized. The pressures of gift giving and receiving, along with our busy agendas often over-ride some of the true holiday spirit. But sooner or later the shopping stops and there is calm – and that is when the real spirit of the season comes back to us.

People may dress up in something special or decorate homes and workplaces, getting together with family and friends we don’t tend to see over the year. Cook something everyone loves and serve it on china specially used at this time of year.

As children it might not have seemed to be such a big deal, but we remember them fondly as family traditions decades later. What makes it special are the good memories we carry with us, as well as the new traditions we build around growing families, new places and friends.

No matter what you do this season, we can all remember back to holidays gone by – reminiscing about old friends and neighbours and welcoming new ones. We can have a good laugh about past holiday crisis, such as the burnt turkey or the tree that lost all its needles before Santa’s visit. These new stories will build on past memories each year creating new traditions for generations to come.

After all the running around and craziness of the season, it will all feel worthwhile in the end. Regardless of how you celebrate – a gathering that spans a couple of days, or just watching movies all day and evening in your pajamas – all of this will be a continuation of a memory book.

We hope this holiday will be special to you and yours, and you will continue to build your own traditions while savouring those you create year after year. Keep the true holiday spirit precious for you, and those you love.

We wish you a very special holiday season!