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Seeing Success Everyday, in Every Step of Your Journey

9937301_lWhat is Your Success? What’s Your Success today? Do you consider yourself a successful person? Personal success comes in many different forms, and it is defined by ourselves.

What you might think of as being successful may not be the same as what someone else believes. It’s easy to think that a sign of success is having a lot of money, top position in a large corporation, big house and fancy cars… But most people are not in any of those positions, though still see themselves a successful. Each of us has our own goals, childhood dreams and wishes, when we reach that point, we ought to believe we are successful within our own definition. Success is being defined much more broadly than just financial.

At the beginning of this year, the recently released “Success Survey Project” revealed that 90 percent of North Americans believe that success is more about happiness than power, possessions, or prestige. Other highlights of the survey:

  • 67% associated success with achieving personal goals
  • 66% cited “good relationships with friends and family”
  • 60% said that success was “loving what you do for a living.”

Ready to take the first steps toward success in 2016? Take some quiet time or moment to think about exactly what “success” means to you.

It’s best to write down your personal definition in various categories: relationships, health and fitness, career, financial management, and knowledge.  Looking for the accomplishment, or a step forward  to your goals in your daily, weekly or monthly activities. Then when you look at what you’ve written, in a few months time, you will have the satisfaction of knowning where you’ve been most successful.

By clearly defining what success means to you personally, and by taking the time to write it down, you start to move your life in the direction of your own success. This helps shift you thinking into believing you are a successful person. The main reason that some people don’t feel successful is because they are living with someone else’s definition of success. The only definition of success that matters is yours. Make sure you know what it is, otherwise, you’ll never feel successful no matter how hard you try.

It’s okay to make success smaller, everyday accomplishments. Perhaps you just want to have more good days, get a few more tasks completed each week, or complete a fitness challenge, or making sure that a disability doesn’t hold you back.

Finally, when you’ve reached some level of success, take some time to enjoy it, celebrate, talk about it, especially the journey that got you there. Success isn’t just what happens at the end—it’s everything in between as well.  Acknowledging our success not only helps to make us more successful, it helps teach others how to be successful as well.

“The main reason that some people don’t feel successful is because they are living with someone else’s definition of success.”

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” – Oprah Winfrey