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Sex is in the Heel

GoldShoeWomen who wear higher heels are more likely to be noticed by men, according to a survey. Generally, high heels make your legs look longer and tighten your calves. The delicate but persistent tapping as you walk makes a powerful entrance. Walking in heels also causes the hips to sway back and forth—think, Marilyn Monroe.

What Qualifies as a High Heel?

According to high-fashion shoe designers Jimmy Choo and Gucci, for women’s shoes: a “low heel” is considered less than 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters), heels between 2.5 and 3.5 inches (6.4 and 8.9 cm) are considered “mid heels”, and anything over that is considered a “high heel”.

For men’s shoes, we only see higher heels on cowboy boots and flamenco-inspired shoes with 2 inch “Cuban” heels. Cuban heels were first widely popularized by the Beatles and referred to in the 60s as “Beatle Boots”.

Men also have the option of “ height-increasing insoles” or the more extreme elevator shoes that boast a man’s height as much as 4 inches.  According to Hollywood gossip, 5 foot 7 inch Tom Cruise has appeared as tall as 5 foot nine inches, sparking speculation that he wears shoe lifts.

Is There Comfort After Heels

Shoe experts and models provide tips and advice on how to wear higher heels. You can actually wear heels and be comfortable.

  • Quality matters: good leather, proper design and a sturdy (even if thin) heel. Cole Haan stilettos, for example, include the Nike built-in air chambers and are surprisingly comfortable.
  • A platform sole means you can cope with a higher heel because the entire shoe is elevated.
  • Ankle straps provide added stability.
  • Slipping around in the shoe? Try gel soles or a spritz of hairspray.
  • Keep an extra pair of shoes in your car. Driving with high heels is considered dangerous!
  • Consider your high heeled footwear as “two hour shoes”, then change into something flatter.
  • If you can’t walk properly in high heel shoes, you shouldn’t wear them.

Check Out Some of the World’s Most Famous High Heel Brands

  1. Known for their scarlet red soles, Christian Louboutin shoes are also called “follow me shoes”.
  2. Manolo Blahnik’s  shoes were the choice of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City. They have extremely high and thin heels with pointed toes.
  3. Based on style and elegance, Jimmy Choo shoes are the real-life favourite of actress Sarah Jessica Parker.
  4. Year after year, the Italian brand Sergio Rossi is one of the most popular high heel brands on the Oscar’s® red carpet. Watch for them this year again!
  5. Stuart Weitzman is known for his one-of-a-kind, million-dollar shoes made from materials not usually used for shoemaking, e.g. cork, Lucite, wallpaper and 24-karat gold.
  6. Gucci shoes are especially commended for quality and comfort. Also watch for them on Oscar® night!