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Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Travel

Executive-Business-Bag-Luggage-Travel-Flight-Case-SuitcaseLike many people, you are probably planning to travel somewhere this summer either within Canada, to the US, or abroad. No matter where you go, there are some preparation tips that can turn a good travel experience into a great one.

Travel is a process – before and after your trip
Your trip starts from the day you begin making plans. When researching the area’s food, culture and interesting places to visit and things to do, it’s surprising how much we learn about the places we are visiting. Some take a little extra effort to learn a few words in the native language, this will make your vacation much more interesting and enjoyable.
Save your numbers and documents somewhere safe
Make sure you’ve got an extra copy of all your documents safely stored at home where someone can send them to you if needed. Another set or two with you (stored separately) won’t have you scrambling if you’ve suddenly misplaced a credit card or passport.

Bring a spare credit card from a different account, just in case. Make sure you let your credit card company know ahead of time that you’ll be traveling and your destinations.

Protect your health
Travel insurance is a must. Bring your medications, don’t depend on a local pharmacy to carry them. Over the counter remedies are good to bring along, such as: headache tablets, Imodium, Gravol, Polysporin, back pain medicine, temporary tooth pain cream.

Your shoes are your best buddies
You will walk a lot more on vacation, even if it is just around the airport! Make sure you’ve got a good pair of walking shoes or sandals, and test them ahead of time. Shoes are bulky but it’s always worthwhile having a second pair.

Prepare your pack that fits the size and weight
In the week leading up to your trip, toss everything you’re taking for the trip to see if you have just the right amount of gears. Just remember, that an ounce could weigh like pounds or event tons when you are carrying it for a long time. “Just in case” is not practical.

Make a “To-Do….” List
Make your own short list of what you really want to do, and see, on your vacation. The items may be quite simple, but as long as they are important to you, you’ll come home feeling great about what you were able to accomplish.

Don’t over plan, leave some room for surprises
Many of the best travel experiences happen outside of a plan or guidebook. Be open to something new and different around you. Interact with the locals and other like-minded travellers. Spend some time doing nothing but walking around, and people watching from a sidewalk café.