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Spending Time with Family this Summer

Summer is the Perfect Time to be Intimate With Your Family

For many of us summer brings a relaxed vibe. It is a time to drop the usual responsibilities and enjoy the sun. This summer is the perfect time to sit back and spend time at home with your family.

You know, to become close and understand each other a bit more. There are numerous tasks that take our attention on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes it could be work that takes adults away from the family. For the children it could be their dedication to school assignments or extracurricular activities that consume most of their time. While these activities are important and necessary in everyday life, we usually have more free time once the summer hits.

Of course, not all family structures are the same. Some people may live with their children, some live with their parents and others may live alone. However, we all have a relative or friend we can take the time to get to know on a deeper level.

A classic way to spend time with one another is by playing board games. Games like Monopoly, Clue and LIFE bring out our competitive edge, but more importantly they are great ways to spend quality time. There are board game options that can be played with friends and family remotely. Using Zoom, you can play games like Pictionary, or Heads Up remotely. Another option is downloading game apps like Monopoly, which allows you to play with friends by using the multiplayer option to create a private game. Players can communicate using the chat option, or simply put your phone on speaker.

Spend time with family while enjoying the great outdoors. Simple things like going on walks are an easy way to bond. A little picnic in the backyard is cute too. People living alone have another option. Simply coordinate with friends and family to go on walks at the same time. Connect your phone to a pair of earphones and it will feel like you are walking together. Try different walking routes to keep things fresh. Also try going on walks during different times of the day. You will find the atmosphere between a morning, afternoon and evening walk can be different. 

The final activity is having a movie night. Get some popcorn, blankets and throw on your favourite pajamas. There are tons of streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, which bring blockbuster movies straight to your home. For those of us connecting remotely, movie night is still a great option. Why not watch a new movie at different times, then give each other a call after to discuss what you liked about the flick.

These activities are only some of the many things we can do to spend time with family and friends this summer. Whether your loved ones share the same roof, or live in another city, there are always ways to stay connected.