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Spread a Little Civility

During the season of giving, don’t forget to pass on some civility

During the season of giving, some believe that in a busy city like Toronto, rushing and stress levels cause toomany of us to forget our manners, get upset too fast, honk our horns too quickly, get pushy at the mall. Studies show that acts ofcivility and simply being polite, encourages similar behaviour in others.

Try these out and see what happens:– Don’t just mumble “thanks”, look the person in the eye and say clearly, Thank you very much.– Reach a line up at the same time as someone else? Encourage them to go ahead of you, with a smile.– Standing in line at a slow cash register? Resist the urgeto look  impatient. Smile instead, it will make both the cashier and you feel more relaxed.– Offer your seat to someone on the TTC.– Send a written note of thanks after a visit.– Greet service providers with a smile, say Good Morning, or Good Afternoon, followed by their name if you know it.– Someone cut you off in traffic? Maybe they’ve got an emergency. Just let them go and resist the urge to honk or give them a nasty look.

Don’t forget to pass on some civility!