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Spring Detox for Your Home, Health and Peace of Mind

spring-cleaningWhen we think of Spring, we think of new growth, fresh air and cleaner environment. There is nothing that makes us feel better than treating ourselves to a deep, thorough cleaning and cleanout, a total refresh or reboot for nature as well as ourselves.

To prepare for the new beginning: de-clutter our homes, offices and surroundings, both inside and outside; get out the dusters; pick up a new can of paint; or call a professional to update our décor. When we can open the windows and doors, the fresh air flows through our homes, and we will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the new beginning with many new plants and flowers growing out of the ground and trees bursting to life with fresh leaves and glorious blossoms.

So many projects to tackle, where do you start?
When you break a project into smaller steps, it seems more manageable. Start with a list of what you want to get done, and be prepared for one project to expand into another. Cleaning and repairing comes before painting a room, for example.

5 Rs of Deep Spring Cleansing:

  1. Spring Junk RemovalRemove things that are no longer needed or fit. Visible and especially invisible objects hiding in the cupboards, storage units, drawers, bookshelves or even your china cabinet (chipped china).
  2. Repair what needs to be fixed, touched up or replaced.
  3. Retouch with a fresh coat of paint for the room you feel has outdated colour or is not quite your taste anymore.
  4. Replace some old furniture or lawn chairs that no longer work in the space. Leave them on the curb – one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Make room for a new piece that cheers you up and will work in your space and décor.
  5. Rejoice and celebrate all your hard work and new spring-cleansed home. Bring in some plants and flowers for added colour and life.

5 Deep Spring Cleansing projects

  1. HousePick a room each week to thoroughly clean, top to bottom. Empty the room and scrub clean, noting where repairs could be done. If it looks like a major project, make a project list.
  2. Closets – Pull out all your clothes in order to clean your closets. Put each item back, removing the ones you want to send to a clothing charity and setting aside the ones that require repairs. Note which repairs you can do yourself and take the others to a local seamstress or tailor.
  3. Kitchen – Remove items from one set of cupboards at a time. Wipe down shelves and put items back, discarding any that are past their “best by” date; donate unopened items you don’t need or want. Restock with healthy choices.
  4. Bathroom – Empty all cabinets and wipe clean. Wash bath mats and shower curtains. Return unused or past due date medications to your local pharmacy for proper disposal. Ask yourself, “do I need each item?” Restock with what you need.
  5. Garage – Dig deep into your garage and you will find things that have been hiding there for many years. If you haven’t used them in over a year, it’s time to let them go. A good sweeping and tidying  up will give you a new spacious garage.