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Spring Fashion 2013 Your Chance to Go Crazy!

PantoneFashionSketchesNever before have we had such bright colours and choices in prints, fabrics and styles. This spring is your chance to wear something you’ve never tried before.

Ask yourself, why not try….

  • Lace or macramé tops, dresses or vests
  • A lace overlay shift dress or top in lace is a perfect example of this spring’s lacy look. It may appear to be like grandma’s tablecloth but why not give it a try? Also look for sexy t-shirts with open macramé backs.
  • Gladiator or cut-a-way boots: also known as ‘Shin armor’, calf or knee high, these are the craziest shoes ever! But how fun!
  • Printed pants. For men and women, you never thought you’d wear them, but this summer is your chance, skinny or bootleg pants in a wide variety of floral and geometric patters. Pair with a single colour on top, or a contrasting print! You’ll still be in style.
  • Coloured jeans, pants and shorts for men and women in this season’s colours of orange, sea foam green, watery blue, red, pink, lemon yellow.
  • Mixing together your stripes, checks, wide and narrow, look especially for black
    and white combinations.
  • Anything neon, fluorescent and altogether bolder hues, in a full outfit for the less adventurous, a skinny belt or bag.
  • A jacket (for men) supplemented with original details: decorative flower, contrasting lapels, gold buttons. Pair with coloured pants and you’re good to go!
  • A little leather, especially in a full range of colours, is becoming a warm weather staple. Both genuine and faux varieties in tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets.