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Spring Hair Trends

FortelliPhotoAfter a very long winter, we are all excited for fresh weather and fresh fashion. If you are ready to update your look, keep reading for some stylin’ hair trends for spring…

The ultimate spring hair colour is a soft, multi-tonal look with some bursts of colour for added fun. Ombré also continues to be a top trend, but has evolved from a high-contrast, dramatic look to a well-blended, softer finish.

Whether your hair is short or long, the look this spring is a more laidback feminine finish. And last year’s much-loved braids and low ponytails continue to be popular on the runways—a great ‘next day’ style.

5 Steps to a Relaxed Bounce

  1. Shampoo hair twice to remove all oil and residue. Lightly condition, focusing on the ends.
  2. Work a lightweight body building gel into damp hair, beginning at the roots and working towards the ends. We recommend ICON Protein Gel.
  3. Flip your head upside down and start drying with your hands or brush. Once hair is 80 percent dry, flip back up and finish drying using a large round brush.
  4. Once your hair is completely dry, divide hair into five sections (three from front to back and one above each ear). Use a large (1.5” or 2”) barrel curling iron and wind the hair slowly from the ends up to mid-lengths.
  5. Shake your hair out with your fingers. Finish with a light-hold hair spray. We recommend ICON Done Finishing Spray.

5 Steps to a Low Ponydaisy 6

  1. Dampen hair with a light spritz of ICON Cures Replenishing Spray, followed by a quarter sized amount of styling foam evenly distributed throughout dry hair.  Blow-dry on low heat, scrunching the hair upward with your fingers. We recommend ICON Meringue Styling Foam.
  2. Once your hair is dry, part it on the side and wrap random one to two inch sections around a large barrel curling iron.
  3. Gently back comb the crown before smoothing the hair into a ponytail and securing with a hair tie at the nape of your neck.
  4. Give the ponytail a finished look by wrapping a one-inch strip of hair around the elastic.
  5. Loosen pieces from the front and sides for a relaxed, undone vibe. Spray with a light-hold hair spray or use ICON Powder for a more tousled look.

by Josie Meleca, Colourist at Salon Fortelli and Spa