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Spring into a Fresh New Start

Spring in Canada is one of the most treasured seasons, partly because it’s so short and so beautiful. For a few short weeks, we have cool evenings, warmer days, and we watch the daylight hours growing longer. Best of all, gardens  and trees are covered in pale spring green buds and lacy blossoms. New leaves and spring flowers in vivid primary colours burst out from under dry leaves and messy garden beds.

Research shows that we have much more energy when the clouds break. This is because we’re getting more of super vitamin D from the sun.  Being connected to nature also is known to increase our “happiness quotient”.

5 Makeovers to Make Your Spring Bloom

  1. Home Makeover  Consider a fresh coat of paint on household equipment. Select rust free paint to bring new life to metal garden chairs and tables, watering cans, indoor metal racks or hooks, even the outside of a laundry tub.
  2. Garden  Time to start planning! Why not research something you’ve never grown before; summer bulbs or growing water plants in a half-barrel?
  3. Health  Time to detox your system and give your body a fresh start.
  4. Lifestyle  Spring is a great time to incorporate walking into your daily routine while you enjoy the longer days and sunshine.
  5. Hair & Make-up  Try a new look, perhaps organic mineral make-up, or a different haircut or colour.