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Spring Into Small Project Actions

56969064_mlDaylight Saving Time is here again, and with it comes an extra hour of sunlight. Suddenly, we all are looking again to being outdoors and take advantage of that extra hour. May use it for a project you’ve been planning to do, or something that you started but never completely finished. But with more light and the energy of a new season, why not tackle one each weekend!

Clear out one piece of clutter – Many of us have a piece of furniture or décor that we don’t need or use anymore. It probably just sits in our home, either using up living or storage space. Make a plan for a weekend to donate at least one unwanted item where it can be re-sold, reused or recycled. You’ll love the space it gives you once it is gone.

Turn shabby into chic – No doubt, you either have a tired-looking piece of furniture that needs a coat of paint, or a painted piece that’s chipped and worn. In a couple of hours, you can turn something shabby into something that gives a bright new look to your home or your garden. There are many kinds of paint available for covering wood, plastic or metal.

Switch out the pillows – Decorative pillows are a great way to make a transition from one season to another. Replace pillows or pillow covers with clean, bright choices for spring and summer. Also, change up chair pads outdoors, and perhaps add a new tablecloth for the patio. There are lots of options at outdoor furniture centres, and fabric stores carry dozens of great indoor-outdoor fabrics.

Clean up – Everyone has a closet, a storage space, even a back porch that has become a place to pile items that need to be put away, given away, or perhaps tossed. Take on the challenge of cleaning up the space. Decide exactly what you want to use the space for, then pull everything out, remove what doesn’t belong and organize before you put items back.

Prepare the picnic basket – Before long, you’ll want to head out for an outdoor adventure. Take a moment to get your traveling items in order. Clean out your cooler or picnic basket, wash the table cloth, make sure you’ve got a supply of napkins, clean unbreakable dishes, water bottles and utensils.

Take 2 hours to fix it – Set yourself a time frame to fix a few small items. You’ll be surprised how good you feel afterward! Perhaps this is hanging a picture, oiling a squeaky door, re-gluing a piece of wobbly furniture, getting a stain out of a rug, even repairing small cracks or holes in walls.