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Spring Talk: It’s Short, Sweet and Precious

IMG_3460_newWhen we think of spring, we think about fresh air and light breezes, beautiful shades of light green that cover our trees, bright sunshine beaming through thin branches, blossoms of yellow Forsythia along with bright spring flowers poking through the ground, sound of birds, spring water running through creeks and over waterfalls. We also know that this will come and go very quickly in Toronto.

Even though spring officially started March 21 and ends June 21, in Toronto we know that it doesn’t really “feel” like spring until early May. For a season that goes by in a blink of an eye, what can you do to enjoy this most special time of year?

  • NATURE – Our days are getting longer! Take a stroll in the evening when it’s still light and look for signs of new life, birds returning, bugs (even though they are not everyone’s favourite), buds on branches and early spring flowers. Saturday May 14 is International Migratory Bird Day. Check out activities at Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park! springbirdfestival.ca
  • FOOD – Savour spring produce wild or farmed, they are the first grow of the season, enjoy their real fresh taste: asparagus, fiddleheads, spring baby greens, rhubarb, green peas and radish.
  • FOR SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL – Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8. What can you do to make your mother feel special? Think about the things she likes or what she likes to do, such as going out to her favourite restaurant, see a show, or visit a botanical garden. Mothers will always treasure that little (or big) thing you did for them.
  • VICTORIA DAY LONG WEEKEND (A.K.A May 2-4) & FIREWORKS – Opening up the cottage, going on the first camping trip of the year, deck opening with your favourite BBQ.
    Monday, May 23 – Toronto’s most popular fireworks at Ashbridge Bay.
  • PLANTING SEEDS & GARDENING – this is also the best time to prepare and plan for your garden. But hold on, the experienced gardeners will warn you, wait until the “May 2-4 weekend” to plant your annuals, or you might be sorry. After all, we live in Canada and historically proven May 2-4 weekend is the safest bet.
  • A FRESH NEW YOU – Spring is all about “new and fresh” and it is also a great time for trying something new. Maybe a new hair style or colour. Try a bright new colour that you haven’t worn before. Take a walk in a different neighbourhood and meet new people.
  • GET OUTDOORS – Exercise outside. Feel the warmth of the sun on your body. Goodbye indoor gym. Time for walking, hiking, biking, scootering, skateboarding, canoeing and kayaking – the options are endless.