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Spring’s Gift of New Life and New Opportunities

springFlowerDSC_0021Before there were printed calendars and electronic clocks, people looked to nature for signs that spring was on its way. They needed to know because it showed them when to plant for next year’s harvest. What did they look for? They watched the sky and stars. Like us, they also looked at what was happening around them. There was more light each day and warmth, buds started to swell on tree branches and rivers flowed. These were all signs that they’d survived winter, spring was in the air and everything was new again.

The seasons have a profound effect on plant and animal life. In spring, plants and trees
sprout new leaves, flowers appear, birds migrate to warmer regions, and many animals
emerge from hibernation. Even seeds and bulbs buried in the ground last fall, frozen for months and buried under snow, come back to life. They shoot up their green and colourful shoots, and bloom at our feet.

Look around you at the evidence of potential growth all around you. The new life that is moving beneath the surface are like new ideas you can set in motion in your own life.
Why not look at this spring as a new beginning? Ask yourself, “what might I bring back new into my life this spring? If I could re-live my years as a child, or a student, or a young parent, what might I do differently? You may have not missed them all.

Think of new ideas you may want to get growing. Your new vision is like a seed sprouting in the soil. It’s bursting with possibilities of something bright and colourful in the weeks and months ahead.

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. – Indian Proverb