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Starting a Green Garden

A green garden means a garden that works with nature, not against it. Now is the perfect time to start planning a natural, low maintenance green garden.

Take it slowly.
Nature is not on the same frantic schedule as the rest of us. Take time over the four seasons to observe your garden, find out its shady spots and discover what grows best, and where.
Work with nature.

There is a plant for every soil and climate condition. If you follow this rule, you’ll save time, money, water, and have a fabulous garden.

Get to know your plants.
Walk through nurseries, visit gardens, find out the names of plants. Make notes on your computer or in a notebook. This is your green guide to your specific garden.

Don’t expect a tidy garden.
Leaves and twigs in shady places protect insects that help keep your garden healthy.

Remember to mulch.
Mulch with leaves or an organic mixture to keep down weeds, especially in sunny areas.