Past Issues:


Items that should never be tossed into your blue box

Hazardous Waste – Gas cylinders, batteries (must not be put in garbage, take to Drop-off Depot)

Plastic – Toys, make-up jars, caulking tubes, food storage containers, pails with metal handles, motor oil jugs, plant trays, flower pots, CD/DVD cases, plates, glasses, cutlery, packing peanuts (i.e. popcorn)

Plastic (clear) – Egg cartons, fruit and vegetable containers, takeout food containers, molded bakery item trays

Plastic (bags/wrap) – Plastic over wrap (on pop cartons, water bottles, toilet paper, etc.) bags holding flyers, dry cleaning, milk (outer and inner), produce, bread, sandwich and plastic food wrap

Glass – Drinking glasses, dishes, cups, crystal, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, pottery, pots and pans, make-up jars

Metal – Coat hangers, pots

Aluminum – Foil food wrap, potato chip bags, metallic gift wrap

Fibers – Tissues, waxed paper, foil gift wrap, waxed cardboard
Note: Some of these items can be recycled at a Drop-off Depot or a Community Environment Day event.