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Summer Delights – Take Them With You

SummerWhen many of us return from summer vacations, there’s a sense that summer is over, and with it, all those wonderful summer activities and “delights”. But the great thing about those long, lazy, hot summer days, whether you were working in an office or playing on the beach, is bringing those memories back with you. You’ll continue to draw pleasure in the months to come from recalling that great BBQ you enjoyed, or the wonderful weekend with friends or family. When the weather gets cooler, you’ll scroll through your phone and look at the photos or videos of diving into the water at the lake, playing tennis in the sunshine, or eating out on a patio.

There are, of course, many summer delights that you take with you into the fall that are more than memories. Since the spring, our gardens have been growing and blooming, and now, Ontario’s many vegetable and fruit crops are bearing produce. September is when we enjoy an abundance of tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, broccoli, cauliflower, onions. We turn such delights into tomato sauces, relishes and preserves. Summer also returns us dozens of varieties of crisp, ripe apples, many of which we can store and enjoy well into the winter months. Grapes are hanging ripe on vines, ready to be picked to make wine.

migration-serengeti-safariSummer delights also are those souvenirs or treasures you’ve picked up on vacation or your travels elsewhere in the world. Now that you’re home again, you might print out a favourite photograph and frame it above your desk to remember a fabulous sunset. Or you unpack treasures you have bought at a country art fair, or a new piece of jewelry, or a beautiful hand-made object. Some of us bring back gifts for friends and family that we’ve found along the way. Children arrange shells they’ve found or perhaps rocks to make a collection to bring to school!

For many, summer was a great time to catch up on reading or movies. Now think back on how much you were able to read, what shows you enjoyed, what you might want to recommend to a friend. Websites like www.Goodreads.com  are a great place to record what you’ve read and get ideas for next year. Maybe you kept a journal or travel diary that you want to share, or at least, file away for your own enjoyment. Others write poetry, even songs, inspired by the last few months.

Summer delights can mean the time you’ve had to catch up with old friends or travel to visit friends and relatives in different places. Even a few days catching up, talking and visiting together reinforce relationships, making them richer and stronger.

And finally, all those photos! You’ll look at them in the months to come, so take a moment to organize them. Maybe, make a short video or presentation, print off a few favourites, post the ones you like on Facebook or Instagram. Label them “Summer Delights!”

migration-serengeti-safariSummer may end according to the months, but summer delights carry us through the year, returning as we keep those sunny days in our minds and our hearts. What were your summer delights? And how are you keeping them with you?