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Summer Heats Up

The summer heat will soon be upon us and with it a feverish desire to loosen purse strings and put vacation days to good use. But, be weary of last-ditch efforts to travel that could potentially leave your budget in free fall. While cooler heads prevail, now is as good a time as ever to begin planning your next summer vacation.  

Make the Most of Your Summer Holiday

The best way to know you’re making the most of your summer holiday is to set an intention by bringing meaning to your travels. Setting intention at the beginning of your trip helps to narrow down a single path. Ask yourself questions like: What do I value most, and what do I hope to get out of this trip? If you seek to find rest and relaxation, then you probably aren’t best suited for a walking tour of a busy city. Or if you desire to foster a connection with a lover or close friends through high-energy activities, then a remote island destination is not the way to go. 

Do Some Research

Here’s some budget-friendly advice, once you’ve narrowed down where you’ll be vacationing, do your research. Learn from those that have gone before you and gather information on how to score the top deals at popular attraction sites, cheap ways to get around town, and safe places to lodge. Whether you’re cruising across the Caribbean Sea, backpacking through Europe, or staying close to home and exploring your own city, read about the most popular places to visit, eat and play, well in advance. 

Dabble in the Unknown 

While putting together the itinerary, make sure to leave room for the unknown. Why not ditch the resort and take a trip into town to walk among the locals. Go on an adventure and seize every opportunity to meet new people and learn the history and traditions of the land. Immerse yourself in the culture for a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. You never know what you might discover by daring to leave some aspects of your trip to chance. Who knows, that hole-in-the-wall lunch spot you stumbled on that’s been faithfully serving the locals for many years, just might be exactly what you’ve been craving. 

Find Balance

And finally, make sure to carve out time to be at peace, not just in mind and spirit but in body too. However tempting it may be to ditch your fitness goals for the sake of relaxation and fun. It is well worth to incorporate some heart pumping activities that are sure to add a few more steps to your Fitbit each day. Join an afternoon terrace yoga class or a sunset jog across the beach. Be sure to align an outdoor fitness activity with your level of strength for both comfort and ease. But don’t hesitate to push yourself a little further. The view at the top is often worth the hike.