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Turning your home Inside Out – Expand your summer living outdoors

wickersofaOutdoor living has new meaning these days. The old style of lawn chairs and picnic table has been replaced with a comfortable lounge and dinner space. The traditionally indoor fabric styles are now seen everywhere in the outdoor design. Bringing the indoors outdoors has never been easier. New weather-resistant materials have made today’s outdoor living stylish and low maintenance. It’s not just an area but an outdoor living experience. And it is for everyone, almost…

Decorating for summer is more about bringing items you normally associate indoors, like furniture, cushions, curtains and dishes, outside to enjoy on a patio or balcony. Depending on the outdoor space you have, almost anything can be brought outside for a few weeks. It helps extend your living space through the summer and makes spending time outside eating, relaxing and entertaining even more comfortable and enticing.

RED_POWDER_COATED_BBQ_GRILLSo look around and ask yourself, “How can I best use my space?”  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Strings of mini lights aren’t just for Christmas. Hang them outside anywhere you can find an outlet, they are sure to brighten up the smallest or plainest of spaces!
  • Bring out cloth tablecloths to cover surfaces for eating or cocktails.
  • Invest in a few outdoor cushions and even an all-weather outdoor rug.
  • Set aside a side table or counter for holding extra dishes, glasses, etc. An old hutch works well if you have the room.
  • Place candles in mason jars for a safe and warm glow.
  • Solar lamps are available in all styles and sizes.
  • All your indoor plants can spend the summer outdoors in colourful pots and containers.
  • If your outdoor space is sheltered, consider a main focal piece, like a small fountain or an outdoor electric fireplace.
  • Some décor items we associate with inside can work well outside, especially if they are in sheltered areas or waterproof. Think about a mirror hung on a fence or patio wall, perhaps reflecting back a garden view, a piece of sculpture or decorative vases with flowers.
  • Scour yard sales or get your kids involved in creating outdoor art made from weatherproof materials.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring out the china and silverware. It adds a note of distinction to any party and when the wind blows, it won’t blow away!