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Dreaming Under the Summer Sun – Unleash Your Imagination During Some Time-off

man_resting_on_beach_wallpaperEvery wonder how great writers, movie directors, artists and inventors get their next great idea for a book, movie, new idea? Time and time again we learn that inspiration strikes when the mind is at rest, relaxed on a beach or when enjoying a quiet walk in the woods. It is usually during those times when we empty our heads of all our everyday tasks and responsibilities that we are open to new ideas and increased creativity.

Summer vacation – often taken in August, mark those occasions when many spend time at a cottage, hike or camp in the woods, travel, lie on the beach, enjoy local parks, perhaps spend an evening on an outdoor patio. These are perfect times to let the mind wander, reassess what matters to you most, and think about the next ‘big thing’ in your life.

It might be about work, a change in career, family, something creative you’ve always wanted to do, maybe even a difference in how you manage your health. What’s next for you? What would you like to see happen in your life? This could also be one of those ‘ah ha’ moments that you’d ‘never dream of in a million years’, yet it now seems so possible and achievable.

Write it down – Don’t just let the thoughts drift in your head. Write them down in a notepad or on your computer, or use a voice recorder on your mobile phone – research tells us that ideas and goals are much more likely to come about if recorded.

Get a head start this summer – if you can’t get your “dream” off your mind, you might be on to something big. Take the time to research, investigate and experiment your thoughts and ideas – you will discover way more information on that subject which will help you transform your ‘dream’ into a reality. Before going back to school or work, make some plan of action.

When fall comes, or later in the year, revisit your thoughts. Review what you recorded and draw inspiration from what you dreamed about in those lazy, hazy days of August. It could be the start of something surprisingly wonderful for you and those you love.

Recommendation – If you need some help to get started on your “dream under the sun”, watch the video “The Power of Time Off” presented by Stefan Sagmeister on TED.com.