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Sunglasses – Everybody’s Stylish Friend

SunglassesManWhether its geeky chic or oversized aviators, you are sporting
the latest eyewear trends. Glasses help us to see, protect our eyes
from the sun and are everyone’s favourite accessory.

As Yasmine Boga of Envy Eyewear Boutique describes:
There are many options when it comes to men’s sunwear. Do you want function, fashion, sporty, suit ready, retro, or classic? What’s trending right now for sunglasses is light weight materials like titanium or carbon fiber. The combination acetate front with metal temples is fresh off the runways of New York. Or you can add a bit of European flair and incorporate some colour.

Mirrored lenses are back in vibrant hues like green, red and orange. And don’t forget about polarized or gradient tinted lenses. You can never go wrong with an aviator or wayfarer shape.

Some sporty styles are Maui Jim, Oakley and Adidas. Classic frames include Prada, Persol and Serengeti. Moncler gives you that combination mix and Ray Ban has a little bit of everything.

SunglassesPairWith Father’s day coming soon, now is a great time to pick up a pair of sunglasses.

The Instagram Look

  • Inspired by social media and the 1970s
  • Rose and gold tinted lenses
  • Wooden frames and tortoise prints.

The Mathematical Look

  • Angular cuts and neutral colors.
  • Black and white patterns
  • Matte finishes do not mean a lack of elegance.

The Aquatic Look

  • Inspired by the ocean, vibrant blues, turquoises and teals
  • Clear or cloudy sea glass-textured frames bring the oceanic look home.

The Garden Look

  • Earthy greens, vibrant pinks and floral prints frames with mirrored lenses
  • Whimsical butterfly-shaped silhouette frames.