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Sweating in Style

Like the beginning of the calendar year, the beginning of school year is the second most popular time for people to get back into an exercise regime. 

It used to be exercise meant baggy gym shorts and an old T-shirt. But today, you can be stylish, while getting into shape. Modern athletic wear also offers “performance” benefits: fabrics that breath while you exercise, and wick up excess sweat to keep you warm or cool, as needed. 

Whether you’re looking for cute gym outfits to work out in, or just comfy, chic clothes that fall into the athleisure category of fashion (athletic plus leisure trends), you’re guaranteed to see these activewear styles everywhere this fall.

Mock Neck Cropped Sweatshirts

Okay, you already have to have good abs to wear this style! A comfortable, round next sweat shirt, which reaches mid-belly. Some styles are reversible. For the more modest, wear over top of a full length tank.

Bike Shorts

Some of us thought this style was gone, but instead, bike shorts have gone main stream. Their high, control-top waists and thigh gap-shaping leg openings are flattering for all ages and body types. Pick matching tops and bottoms, or dark colours with a neon top. 

Tired of too-tight shorts? Options now include comfy, yet stylish “mountain bike short” styles, complete with multicolor drawstring and this fall’s earth-tone colours. 


Yes, these are still extremely popular, full length and cropped. The latest trends, however, pay attention to practical details, offering pockets for a cell phone or keys, and details around the ankles or mid-calves such as mesh or lacy cut outs that take them out of the gym and on to the street. 

Most see the value in investing in leggings made with quality fabric, which usually means a certain percentage of nylon along with spandex. No more baggy leggings or leggings that slide down the hips after the first wash!

Also look for super high rise legging trends and for the very fit (and young), women may pair with a matching bra top. 

Leopard Prints

Yes, leopard prints that have dominated fashion for several years are hot this fall in athletic wear. Spots are showing up in all colours and variations, on matching tops and bottoms, or mix and match. 

For Women, the Exercise Dress

It’s a dream come true when a pretty dress and athletic wear can be combined. Think of a mid-calf tennis dress in colours. Pair with leggings with running shoes, or wear with bare legs and sporty sandals. 

The Wearable Sports Bra

From padded to non-padded, underwire to seamless, or strappy to basic, there’s a sports bra option for everyone’s preferences. Intended to be worn alone (not under your clothes), they pair nicely with a zip top if you need a bit of cover-up.

Designer Brands

Add to your athletic wear collection with at least one item from a top designer. For example, Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang have expanded their fashionable designs into the activewear world, along with Fendi, Kim Kardashian, and her brand, Good American.