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Take a quick “You Break” – Simple Neck Stretch

StretchNeckDo not attempt any exercise without checking with your doctor first, especially if you have physical limitations.

This stretch is perfect for those who spend hours working at a computer (which is most of us!) It stretches the ligaments and muscles that line your neck and is an effective way to promote and maintain a rich supply of blood in this region, and relax tense muscles.

Forward Flexion

  • Allow your head to fall forward so that your chin approaches the top of your chest. Keep your shoulders down and take four counts to lower.
  • Once you feel a stretch or pull in the muscles that line the back of your neck or once the joints of your neck won’t allow you to bend forward any further, whichever comes first
  • Hold for 10 seconds then slowly raise your head, taking four counts. Repeat five times.