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Taking It All In – Our Beloved Autumn

All seasons have distinct characteristics that set them apart–autumn is no different.

It is easy to understand why many people consider fall their favourite time of the year. Autumn has symbolic characteristics like the Fall Equinox, which represents the balance between the seasons and the balance between light and dark. Autumn is a symbol of change because, like spring, it is part of a cycle of loss and regeneration. There are plenty of reasons to love the season. For those who have yet to hop on the autumn bandwagon, here is a list of all the reasons why autumn is an amazing time of the year.

The Colours

Although fall weather is usually on the cool side, the array of colours you’ll see in nature are warm and inviting. The red, ambers, oranges, and yellows are absolutely stunning. Take time during the weekend to take a walk in your local park. The sights you see will certainly take your breath away.

The Weather

Autumn brings fresh weather that is comfortable and easy to dress for. The humid days of summer are finally over, now there are cooler temperatures and brisk air. Outdoor activities like hiking, walking, or playing outdoor sports are more comfortable in the fall for those who have difficulty being outside during those hot summer months.

The Harvest Season

The season brings a bounty of vegetables and fruits that can be enjoyed. Popular fall favourites include squash, which comes in a variety of cool shapes and colours and can be used for cooking, or just decorating the house. Pumpkins are another popular food. You can go pumpkin picking, and then prepare a nice pie, bread, or soup for the family.

Harvest season means there will be plenty of farmer’s markets offering fresh foods for your family to enjoy. There are tons of markets in your neighbourhood, be sure to visit one before winter comes to town. 

The Flavours and Smells

The season has some of the most unique and divine smells and flavours. Pumpkin spice latte lovers rejoice when autumn arrives. Pumpkin is the most coveted flavour, so it is no surprise that it is used in just about everything. Other popular smells include apple cinnamon or dried fruit smells from apples or oranges.

If you want to have fall smells fill the household, then try making a garland using dried orange slices, bay leaves, and cinnamon sticks. Another alternative is making a simmer pot. Warm water over the stove and fill it with apple slices, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. You will have warm smells waft through your household. If these methods don’t work for you, simply purchasing a fall scented candle would definitely do the trick.