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Talking about “Un-Mentionables”

Think about it: underwear (men and women) is the most fundamental piece of clothing you own: It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off. It’s worn close to the skin, so you need comfort. It serves a protective and supportive role, so it needs to be made well and functional. But there’s another reason. It makes you feel great!

Choosing the right underwear can make a huge difference to the fit of your clothes. Smooth, seamless styles help your clothes to sit correctly on your body. The right camisole or undershirt can hide seams, emphasize the “right” body parts or hide the jiggle parts you wish weren’t there. 

For Women Only

Every stylish woman knows that if you want your clothes to look good on the outside, you have to wear the right underwear on the inside. 

High-Waisted Panty is a great choice if you are wearing a lace dress or skirt that requires clean lines or you just want to keep everything in its place. 

The G-string or thong is a great, barely-there option for those oh so tight dresses and pants. 

Spanx sucks you in when wearing a form fitting tight jersey dress and don’t have the most forgiving silhouette. 

Beige Camisoles and Lingerie are practically invisible under clothes when you match to skin tone. White is never the best colour underwear. 

For Men Only

The world of men’s fashion underwear has rapidly grown with the awareness of men’s fashion sense. Today, men’s underwear is not just a necessity. Comfort and style play an important part.

Briefs are what many associate from their child-hood. No longer just available in white, there are many varieties. But here’s a style tip. Briefs are especially good for shorter guys because they expose more of your legs, making them appear longer and you, therefore, taller.

Boxers have made a big impact in the past 30 years, and come in every style, including “seasonal” patterns. One of the great things about boxers is that they are a great choice for sleepwear (for the man who wants to keep his wardrobe simpler). 

Boxer Briefs are the lovechild of boxers and briefs: the shape of traditional boxer short, but cut on a more fitted block out of jersey material. Since the rise of slimmer silhouettes in menswear, boxer briefs have become the go-to style for most guys.

Trunk/Hipsters are a shorter version of the boxer-brief that has grown in popularity with the rise of super-skinny trouser styles.

Undershirts, some wear them, some don’t, but this is what you need to know. An undershirt is NOT the same as a t-shirt. An undershirt is thinner and more lightweight because it is meant for layering.