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Teal is Tops for Fall 2011

Teal, a “strong, blue-toned green evokes ocean depths and the sky at dusk”, is definitely the top tone this fall according to the Pantone Fashion Colour Report.

Fortunately, teal goes with most skin tones and can be worn by redheads, brunettes and blondes alike. But unlike neutrals like black and grey, teal works with select colours, and usually a little is better than a lot.
Incorporate teal into your wardrobe in pieces, not all at once!

Best way to wear teal:

  • As a print.
  • As an accent with neutrals, e.g. a teal scarf or tie.
  • Most modern way? Paired with a dusty purple.


For men:

  • A teal shirt with black dress pants for a dressy style, teal with beige pants for a more casual look.
  • A teal shirt and tie with a cream coloured suit for a formal look.
  • Solid, teal tie with a white shirt.
  • Nervous about wearing teal? Choose a very dark teal for a sweater or sweater vest.

For women:

  • Teal with a neutral like chocolate brown, black, beige, white or camel.
  • Teal sweater with an orange scarf for a bright, bold look.
  • Teal tunic with black leggings or tights.
  • Carry a teal clutch or add a necklace with teal beads.
  • Teal eye shadow, matte for a subtler look.
  • Teal nail polish, best colour: OPI “Teal the Cows Come Home”!