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Team Building at Summer Camp: We’re all in this Together!

Camp girls walking on log

Everyone in today’s business world needs to know how to work in a team. There’s no  better way to teach team building and trust than at summer camp. The social interaction that takes place at camp is based on teamwork and life at camp is an experience in community living rather than individualism. For children and youth of all ages, camp provides some of the most important skills they will ever learn.

Camp Builds Trust

One of the biggest obstacles to good teams is trust. Camp builds trust among camp members by providing activities that need everyone’s help to succeed, like paddling a canoe or going on an out trip. At camp there are times when you have no choice but to depend on – and trust – each.

Camp Teaches Delegation

Delegation is an important function of a successful team because it’s about sharing the workload, and utilizing each other’s strengths to get a job done, whether it means cleaning a cabin or building a camp fire.

Camp Teaches Collaboration

Activities at camp are group-centred. Imagine, you arrive at a campsite and have only a few minutes to set up your tents before the rain starts. Everyone collaborates in order to get the job done.

Camp Removes Hierarchy

In a team, no one is “better” than another, they just have different strengths. Camp teaches that you are important because of your skills, not because of your title or who you know.

Camp Balances Independence With Dependence

Kids at camp are away from home doing activities they don’t otherwise get to do. This builds their confidence and a sense of independence. But have you ever tried to carry a canoe by yourself? Camp teaches that most times we need others to help us out.

Camp Teaches That Together We Can Do Big Things

On our own, there are many tasks we might take on, but camp teaches that in a team, we can accomplish big goals like setting up a camp site for the night, hiking or travelling by canoe through the wilderness.

Camp Teaches That All Jobs Are Important

Whether its cleaning up after a meal or putting in the swim docks for the season, there are no “small” jobs. As a team we tackle them together. Everyone has a chance to feel important, and earn the respect of others.