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Ten Ways Your Hands Say Well Dressed

NailpolishBeing well groomed and making a fashion statement go hand in hand – literally, these days. Manicures are “in” for women as well as men. It’s all about looking put together, whether you opt for a natural look or statement about yourself using nail art.

For men: Certain salons offer manicures for males, which include cuticle treatment, cutting, and a natural “buff and shine” treatments that leave nails clean, neat and healthy. You can also opt for a sheer top coat, particularly helpful for brittle nails.

For women: Know what colours suit you and fit your lifestyle and workplace.

Nudes: A full range from beige to taupe, suit all skin tones and project a professional, classy look.

Black: The new cool look for evening events. If you have very pale skin, use black polish with shorter nails so it doesn’t overpower you.

Traditional reds and pinks: Perfect for summer, day or evening. For darker colours, watch for chips. A top coat helps the polish last longer.

Clear, white, and “French” manicures: Another classic look, particularly for weddings or evening events.

Nail art: Fun, and creative, pick the designs that match your likes and personality. If nail art on all ten digits is too much, opt for one decorative nail, usually the ring finger (on either hand).

Colours: Blue, yellow, green—select according to skin tone. Blue and magenta for yellow-toned skin, neons and pastels for pale skin, warmer tones like raspberry on darker skin. Pinks or reds brighten the complexion. If you’re very light, you want to avoid extremely dark or overpowering shades because these will make you look too pale.

Kozzi-closeup-of-a-man-holding-ipad-1776 X 1182Do your own manicure, or “mani” with a friend:

  • File nails in the direction of the nails, using a quality file. Decide on either a rounded tip or a square-look. Pointed is definitely out!
  • Soak nails in warm water with a few drops of olive oil. Gently push the cuticles back with a cuticle tool. Don’t cut! Gently clip any loose hangnails.
  • Dry and dab polish remover on each nail and then apply a base coat, followed by two coats of polish. Once dry, apply a top coat, making sure to cover the very tips to seal the polish. Clean “missed” spots with a special tool designed for the task (it is worth the investment).
  • Although nails will be dry within 30 minutes, the polish won’t completely cure for several hours.