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The Backpack is Back with a Hot New Look!

Backpack1Travel sacks go in and out of style. So do briefcases, messenger bags, fanny packs, and duffel bags. But this fall, the fashionable choice in bags is the backpack, the most ergonomic and healthiest for your body. These are not hiking packs! These attractive and functional bags take you to work, school, out for dinner, or out on the town.

Think of a backpack like instant youth, in the form of a bag. Super fun backpacks come in plush materials in shades of white and orange, which are perfect for a casual day.  Others are adorned with bling, making an instant fashion statement.

For fall 2017, designers are showing all kinds of backpacks for women and men, paying attention to fabulous fabrics, adornments and strap details. Versace has given the backpack a rock climbing chic, thanks to a mixture of plastic straps and silver attachments. Fendi has designed two-in-one backpacks with large straps, so they can be carried or worn on the back!

Glam Rock – Available in popular fall colours such as pink, grey/purple and soft yellow, look for leather, suede or even velvet, adorned with glam-rock studded embellishments and fancy “statement” straps. Wear to work, school or out on a date.

Backpack2Texture and Bling – It’s all about the fabric–these backpacks want to be touched! Available in brocade, shiny metallic, embroidered fabrics, denim or faux fur, they adorn any outfit, and are found in regular and mini sizes.

Hipster Functional – Going for the hipster look? If your work allows you to wear jeans and sneakers, there’s no need to go formal on the bag. Pick a simple backpack in fabric or leather, perhaps with some extra detail on the straps.

Small but Flashy – The mini or super small backpack is a favourite of pop star icons like Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner. An everyday essential, the mini is just big enough for keeping your wallet, keys and glosses close while keeping you hands-free. Perfect as club wear or a night out.

For Guys – Back backpacks are a classic staple in any man’s wardrobe. Men’s backpacks tend to be large enough to fit a laptop – of course. Twill cotton in muted shades of blue, taupe or charcoal, elevate the classic backpack into a sophisticated, yet sturdy, any occasion bag. Like we see in women’s styles, look for details on the straps. Classic leather says sporty plus suave and stylish.