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The BIG TREE HUNT Show & Win!

bigTreeDSCN3373Beaches is known for big trees. Many streets are named after trees. Do you think you have the biggest tree – either on your street or a place you walk your dog every day?

Each winner will win a pair of movie passes to the Alliance Cinema in the Beach. There will be two winners:

1. Biggest Tree
2. Random draw from all submissions

Guidelines for the Big Tree Hunt Contest:
Trees are to be measured according to the City of Toronto Private Tree By-law.
Please provide the tree’s:

a. Size: the circumference (as if you are measuring your waist) from 4½ feet above ground level.
b. Location: identifiable. Closed intersection if it is in a private backyard.
c. Photo of the tree.
Optional:  d. Type of tree   e. Age of tree

Send in your entry by November 10, 2013 for the chance to WIN!

Please email us at info@beachesliving.ca till we fix the submission problem.


The BIG TREE HUNT Photo Gallery:

[nggallery id=9]


my big tree photoThis silver maple is in my backyard but can also be seen from the apartment parking lot behind my house.  The lane way access is a 1/2 block N. of Duvernet, and W. off of Golfview.
I measured this tree at 14 feet circumference or 427 cm.  It is not a single trunk, however from 4 1/2 feet above ground, the circumference included only the merged trunks, not the offshoot you see to the right in the photo.  This tree has got to be over 80 years old.  It was big when we moved in 27 years ago!


We have lived on Golfview Avenue for 23 years and the tree company that maintains our backyard tree claims that it is the biggest oak tree that they have ever seen in this neighbourhood.  It is 16 feet 4inches in diameter, and spans about 100 feet with its branches. We love the shade and rural feel that it provides to us. It is remarkable relative to the small size of the yard! We have built a treehouse around it, and behind it for the kids to play in, so you can see the yellow slide, basketball net, climbing ropes and a bit of our shed.
Thanks for the fun contest!
Patti Craine and Bruce Hollowell