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The Fall Fashion Transition

August is upon us, which means September is around the corner. This period of late summer transition into the Fall can be hard to navigate, fashion wise. We all want to hold on to that summer wardrobe for as long as we can. We all get a sense of dread when we see the mannequin displays at our favourite store windows ushering the Fall clothing line. The sandals, sunglasses and shorts were so much fun! The good news is there’s still a little over a month left to enjoy summer staples before you lay them to rest in the back of your closest. It is also important to prepare for the next season. Transitioning outfits from one season to the next can at times be as awkward as a child entering puberty. But here are some tips for all genders and ages that will help you conquer the summer-fall fashion. Soon enough, you will be transitioning from tank tops to long sleeves with grace and ease.

Footwear – Many people spend most of their time outside during the summer and fall. If you are the type to go on walks or hikes during this season, it is important to have a comfortable pair of running shoes. The pair of sneakers you get during the summer can be worn through the majority of fall, making them an excellent purchase for that transition period. For a style tip, get a neutral colour pair, like white, and you will be able to rock them during both seasons.

Keep the Shades – You can still wear your favourite pair of sunglasses. Throughout August and most of September, temper-atures are still warm and the sunset is still in the evening. So don’t be afraid to bring your shades with you while you are at your friend’s barbeque, or while having mojitos at the restaurant patio around the corner.

Add A Layer – Transitioning from summer to fall can give your outfit a unique look. You can still wear your favourite summer dress or pair of shorts, but if you feel the temperatures are cool, then throw on a stylish jeans jacket or a crewneck sweater. The advantage of wearing the extra layer is the ability to take it off and tight it around your waist, or throw it over your shoulder if you get too hot.

Wear Long Sleeves or Add Leggings – Long sleeve tops were made for late summer and early fall. They keep you at the perfect temperature. For women, adding tights or leggings to your outfit can be a fun way to play with pattern, colour, and texture for the fall. Adding a pair of tights or leggings means you can continue wearing your favourite skirts and dresses for a longer period.

Continue with Colour – Continue wearing your favourite colours while entering fall. There’s no need to put away your vibrant outfits until the winter. A great tip is matching the colours that nature presents. In the summer, there are so many colours to choose from. When the leaves start to change add some red, mustard and orange to your wardrobe.