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The Family That Bikes… Pedals Together


Family bike riding gives you and your kids an opportunity to work out, explore the city or a nearby park, get exercise, and have some fun at the same time. There are many park trails specifically designed for multiple uses, such as bike riding that take you through city parks, and on great “mini” adventures.

A favourite for many years has been Toronto Island, where you can take your bikes on the ferry or rent once you arrive. With no hills and many places to explore, the island is one of the best “biking” secrets!

If biking with your family is new, start by choosing a shorter route. Once you’ve managed the first trip, pack a lunch and go for part of the day.

Remember, everyone should wear a helmet that fits properly. Infants need to be about 1 year of age, be able to sit up and have neck strength to support a helmet.

Map showing major off-road cycling trails and designated bike lanes on the road


Toronto Bike Routs and MAP

For a full version of this map, visit toronto.ca/cycling