Past Issues:

The Joys of Winter

Winter, Like it or not, is a part of our Canadian culture, along with snow shoes, toques, red mittens, scarves and skates!

The next time you’re admiring the clear bright blue sky against rolling snow drifts or snow flakes hanging off branches, think about the joy winter brings!

Snow means Canada; surviving a big snow fall rather than shutting down the city is what makes us truly Canadian. Like the way the British keep going through continuous rainfalls, Canadians just put on those winter boots, hats and mitts, and set out to work and play – in spite of the snow!

Snow and cold temperatures means hockey rinks in parks and backyards. What would life be like without standing outside at midnight with a garden hose to flood your own rink?
Donuts, coffee and hot chocolate are Canadian icons, best enjoyed on a blustery winter day, after skating or tobogganing, or on your way out of town for a  snow adventure in
the  country.

Maple sap starts to flow when temperatures reach above zero during daytime but return to freezing after dusk. There’s no better Canadian adventure than to pour boiling sap on a fresh patch of snow and enjoy real maple toffy!

Enjoy the silence of winter, the soft crunch as you walk along the sidewalk, the quiet after the “big fall”. When the snow starts to melt and there’s slush everywhere, remember that spring will come soon enough, so enjoy winter while you can.