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The Magic of Layering Up and Down

We know that cakes are layered and we are taught to dress in layers but there are more layers to uncover. Check out these clever ideas for “layering” all through this holiday and winter season.

Holiday Feast with Layers
The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, lots of activities, unpredictable weather and unexpected change in schedules. When hosting a formal family feast or a casual, friendly gathering, layering your food preparation and arrangement will help you make your party joyful, fun and memorable to all your guests and yourselves!

  • With so much food, always  remember to scale down a little  with your main course.
  • A few boxes of assorted finger food, you can add what you need depending on the number of guests.
  • Keep some assorted cheese and crackers on hand.
  • Arrange a fancy box of chocolates on your favourite plate with some fresh strawberries.

Cheers in Layers
Wine and spirits are more available during this time of the year; they are festive and joyful but can also be harmful to health and safety.

It is important to layer your drinks with alcohol and non-alcohol content. A good rule of thumb is one alcohol drink to one non-alcohol drink. This layering will reduce the amount
of your alcohol consumption.

  • Serve and enjoy your favourite drinks of the season, but intersperse with water, sparkling soda or fresh squeezed fruit juice.
  • When hosting a party, offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks served in a fancy glasses.

Entertaining in Different Ways
A drop-in open house is a great way to see family with less stress and commitment compaired to a traditional sit-down holiday meal.

  • Adding some activities such as skating, toboggining or even a short walk will add fun and good times to be remembered.
  • A shopping evening with friends followed by a casual drink or have a quiet time at home with a movie at the end of the day.
  • Play a mix of holiday classics and other favourite music when you entertain or to keep your spirits high when walking or driving.

Dressing in Layers
When would be a better time to wear your favourite clothes than during this festive season? Layer it with some casual and comfortable outfits to dress up or dress down. Weather is a big factor on what you wear – layering gives you options to add or remove depending on the weather.

  • Having a red scarf handy will add an immediate splash of festive cheer when you feel underdressed.
  • Many indoor places are usually very warm, so try and wear a thin layer of a shirt or light sweater under your winter jacket. When travelling, always bring extra warm clothes with you.
  • Remember, winter days are short and when the sun goes down the temperature drops a lot.
  • Winter hazards and car problems are unpredictable, so be prepared.