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The New, Stylish You! Finding Your Personal Style

my_styleThink of your favourite celebrity and what may come to mind is their personal style. Their clothes, hair, shoes, make-up and accessories tell you something about their style. The rich and famous have stylists who assist them with their appearance. For most of us, we often stare at our closets and wonder what to wear, sometimes feeling lost.

Your personal style has everything
to do with believing in yourself.

The most stylish individuals are not necessarily the most beautiful or handsome. In fact, having great style makes you more attractive because of the confidence it gives the unique you.

my_styleEvery one of us can develop our own style, which will guide us to make style choices easily. Be honest about what you like and listen to friends or family, and sometimes from professionals like your hair stylist or other “free” style advisors. Once you have a better idea of your own style, stick with it and improve upon it.

Clues to identifying your personal style

Empty your closet and look at what you own. How would you describe the person with this wardrobe?

  • Casual or formal?
  • Works in an office or outdoors?
  • Bright fun colours or simple earthy tones?
  • Likes to make a statement or blend in?
  • Extravert or introvert?
  • Trendy or conservative?
  • Young or mature?

Choose the items that you wear often and make you feel great. Put everything else out of your sight. What you see now truly represents who you are – your style.

Let’s Talk Colours

Some look great in off-white, others in darker tones. Try different colours, such as reds, greens, blues, etc. around your shoulders and close to your face. Find out what colours suit you best, not necessarily what you like best. This often depends on your skin tone and hair colour.

What do you do if your favouite colour is a colour that doesn’t suit you? Save it for an accessory, like a wallet, bag or belt.

Fit is a big part of style

Some people fit better in loose and flowing; others like tailored. Select what makes you feel comfortable but don’t confuse loose with the wrong size. A proper fit is a must, regardless of your style. And a fitted jacket or shirt makes you look trimmer, not loose clothing.

If a more tailored look feels confining, select jackets and pants with some stretch.

To accessorize with a Statement Piece

To help establish your own style, think of a statement piece that says you. Remember the red rose former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau wore on his lapel? A statement piece is something you can always wear, such as:

  • a noticeable quality scarf
  • one-of-a-kind jewelry
  • coloured or special themed ties
  • a statement hat
  • boots
  • a unique hair style recognizable before people see your face

Be creative. A statement piece should say something unique about you. Come with your own ideas.