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The Sweet Sweater Season

ManInSweaterSweaters are the quintessential item for a sunny, crisp fall day. And sweaters are big this year, both in size and as a fashion statement. Sweater wearing also mirrors another trend – the search for inner calm. Wearing a sweater suggests comfort and a more casual attitude.

You’ll find all varieties of sweaters this fall for men and women, many suitable for the office, and others best for cuddling by the fireplace on a Saturday night. As for colours, fall 2016 is all about earth shades and creativity. Look for mustard yellow, constellation (deep) blue, cedar green, stone grey, burgundy and warm taupe. Be yourself and wear the sweaters that make you feel most confident!

For Her…

  • Sweaters for women also feature elements not traditionally associated with sweaters such as ruffles, lacey inserts, and fur.
  • For women, it’s all about the cut out! Cut out sleeves, cut out patterns, and the very popular cut-out shoulder.
  • The long sweater for women and the sweater dress is a huge trend this fall. Sliming and sexy, the sweater dress can be a casual look with leggings, or a formal statement with leather boots and pearls.

For Him…

  • Men, the fisherman knit returns. But don’t restrict yourself to the classic natural wool colour. Fisherman knit styles are available in various colours and wool/cotton choices.
  • Men, the shawl collar on a cardigan is big, as well as bulky knits. And remember those sweatshirts in the 80’s with words and phrases on the front? The words are back, but this time, woven into your favourite crew neck sweater.

For Them…

  • Turtle and mock turtleneck styles are back, joining boat and v-neck as well as the buttoned-up cardigan.  Also back in are hoodies in both formal and super casual looks.
  • Sweaters are popular in solids as well as 1970s geometric patterns, herringbone, window pane checks, polka dots, and lots of stripes.
  • Cashmere continues to be a favourite for men and women. Look for classic styles as well as oversized sweaters and Cashmere hoodies.

Confused about sweater material?

  • Sheep wool is most common, with various degrees of softness and warmth. Shetland and lambs wool are warm but have a rougher feel. Merino wool is the softest choice, often used for a more dressy look.
  • Cashmere comes from goats, and is extremely soft, lightweight, warm and delicate. You can wear it right next to your skin! It is also more expensive than other wool but looks great and is very durable.
  • Cotton is durable, lightweight, easy to care for, but definitely not warm enough when the weather gets too cool. Usually best for more casual dressing, choose cotton knits if you want a sweater look but are working indoors where keeping warm isn’t an issue.
  • Silk and Cashmere is a marvelous blend because you get warmth as well as a slim, refined look.