Past Issues:

Things My Father Taught Me

Most of us remember things our fathers taught us, perhaps when we were very young or even as a rebellious teenager!  This Father’s Day, say “thanks dad”.

Thank you for…

Showing me how to ride a bike… by taking off my training wheels, even though I begged you not to.

Teaching me the perfect slap shot… when I should have been inside practising piano.

Reminding me to tell mom that she looks great… even when she looked really tired.

Insisting that I stay in school…when all I wanted to do was perfect that slap shot.

Promising to teach me how to tie my first tie for the prom… but forgetting what time I had to leave – therefore forcing me to learn on my own.

Teaching me to drive a car… and then paying for professional driving lessons.

But most of all, thanks dad for always encouraging me to be the best that I can be!