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Those Autumn Leaves… Outside My Window

So why do leaves change colour? It’s really a magnificent swan song before they die. Leaves are green because of chlorophyll which they make as their food. In the Fall, as daylight shortens and the weather is drier – they no longer can make chlorophyll so their “true colours” shine through.

So why are some red, some yellow….
There are various theories but no one knows for sure. Some leaves you can count on for a specific colour:

  • Oaks: red, brown or russet
  • Hickories: golden bronze
  • Dogwood: purple-red
  • Birch: bright yellow
  • Poplar: golden yellow
  • Sugar Maple: orange-red
  • Black Maple: glowing yellow
  • Red Maple: bright scarlet
  • Sumac: deep red
  • Burning bush: bright red
  • Virginia creeper: purple-red