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Time to Spread Some Spring Seeds

This spring, why not consider planting some seeds? Many plants actually do much better when sown directly in the ground. It’s also a great activity for children. Imagine their delight when little spouts appear above the soil!

The most important thing to remember when planting seeds is to carefully follow the package directions. Some seeds must be  buried under the soil, others prefer being placed on top. Make sure you put a marker in your garden so you remember when the seedlings appear what you planted!

Good flower choices from seeds:
• Nasturtiums     • Malva     • Poppies     • Yarrow
• Cosmos     • Sunflowers     • Bachelor Buttons

The best herbs to plant from seeds:
• Dill     • Parsley     • Oregano
• Wild thyme, great for ground cover
• Basil (but don’t plant until the ground is warm)

Easy vegetables to plant from seeds:
Read package directions carefully because some vegetables can be planted as early as mid April!
• Peas     • Beans     • Spinach     • Lettuce     • Arugula
• Swiss Chard     • Cucumber     • Zucchini     • Carrots
• Radishes (a great choice for kids because the seeds are larger and germination is fast)