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Tipping His or Her Hat to Fashion

HAT-kate-middleton-styleHats are back – and in a big way. It’s winter, and everyone is sporting their usual toques and fuzzy knits, but there is a ton of great ways to keep your head cozy this season. Hats can dress up a drab outfit, and show a little style.

For the ultimate inspiration look at Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her fascinating array of fascinators, trilbys, and feathered headpieces. While her hat choices aren’t always practical for Canadian winters, they can provide great ideas, make a statement and show a little personality.

  • Berets keep the head toasty, and make a stylish substitute for a toque. The great thing about a beret is that anyone can wear one, from the iconic raspberry beret to the various styles Samuel L Jackson favours.
  • The cloche is a fitted bell-shaped hat made popular in the ’20s and retains a certain classic chic. It covers the head and ears, but leaves the face open to sunlight.
  • If you prefer something with a wider brim, there’s the Breton or the Derby, which can be dressed up with bows or flowers.

HATMensHatFor men, ball caps have become the staple, but there’s a world of hats out there for the fashion forward gent.
• Fedoras may have begun life as a woman’s hat, but men have been wearing them since the 20th century. Johnny Depp, when he’s not sporting Captain Jack Sparrow’s wide brimmed pirate hat, is often seen in a fedora, as is Brad Pitt.

  • If it’s truly sub-zero, you might be better off in an ushanka, also known as a trapper or aviator hat. It’s a furry cap with ear flaps that can be pulled down, and it’s available in a wide variety of styles.
  • The Russians know a thing or two about keeping warm in cold weather, and they’ve also brought us the astrakhan, also called the Canadian wedge or ambassador, which is a closer fitting woolen hat.

HAT_WomanOn the silly end, there are hats with knitted beards (suitable for all genders), jester hats (complete with bells), and tall Cat in the Hat style top hat (matryoshka cats optional).
Get creative this winter, try something different. Who knows, in the new year maybe a new hat could become part of your signature style.

by Nico Mara-McKay